The new transformation

Being and staying future proof. And working simultaneously towards a better world. We believe that’s possible. Better still, we are convinced that social challenges provide opportunities for new revenue models. This is how an organisation does right by both itself and the world.

Next2 helps you to transform your organisation. We combine social and economic questions to find the right balance between digital technology and the unique characteristics of people. From there we can realise innovative and catchy formats (products and services) that deliver both economic and social revenues. We create a broader market reach, innovative ways to engage clients and smarter collaboration in the value chain. Are you ready to make a change? Read on!

How can we help you?

We have various solutions to help you transform your organisation. Like to find out which would work best for your company?

Formats & inspiration

By using scans and analysis, we uncover the possibilities that can lead to economic and social value creation. This is what inspires us to come up with more ideas for formats.

Technology & Integration

We know how to find the right partners. Together we develop the technology needed to get the format working.

Transformation & Implementation

We supervise design workshops that result in a first prototype. We also prepare management and the execution for the transformation. Think about process analysis, readiness assessments, training and change management.

Data & Impact

We organise inspiring workshops that show the capabilities of the data. This is how we illustrate your format’s potential power. We also organise data labs. Here, we get busy with big data and develop prediction models. Finally, we also help with the construction of data labs. A data lab is a place where you can study and use your own internal and external data.

Discover how we work

The new transformation presents a big challenge for many organisations.
That’s why we believe in smart technology, co-creation and loads of testing.


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