A new take on business

At Next2, we aim to break away from the old conventions about how organisations add value. We’ll realise this by combining economic and social value. By optimising the deployment of the possibilities offered by technology. By inspiring organisations and supporting them as they embrace the changes that adding value entails.

It’s our belief that these opportunities can be found in every market segment, and that the big payoff comes when collaboration reaches across market boundaries. To achieve this, we establish links between organisations and create pragmatic digital solutions that support those organisations in working together on new value every day.

We continue to attract and combine talent in the field of business innovation, digital technology and change management. We’re well-versed in various forms of cooperation here. In addition to working diligently on their projects, our professionals are united by their continuous drive to hone their own development and that of Next2.

Next2 works with companies and organisations that believe in the power of multiple value creation and technology. Entities who are enthusiastic about the opportunities that arise from this combination, who are committed to crossing borders and putting new theories into practice together with us.

We share our knowledge as much as possible and in many forms: contributions to symposia and conferences; internships and graduation project offers; and by carrying out pro bono work for MasterPeace. This is just a taste of how we bring out the best in ourselves, for digital transformations that contributes to a world that works for everyone.